William Gopal

email: william.gopal@manchester.ac.uk

Hi! My name’s Will and I’ve recently graduated the University of Manchester with a degree in Philosophy. During my time as a student at the University, I established PhilCare which is a well-being group for Philosophy students where we can come together to discuss some of the impact of some of the more mind-bending topics Philosophy throws at us. My undergraduate dissertation examined the Epistemology of Climate Change Denial - I am interested in social philosophy, social epistemology, and the philosophy of race.

In my spare time I enjoy making music, reading philosophy, cooking nasi lemak, and cycling. As a Student Engagement Graduate Officer, I look forward to working with schemes across the three Faculties and hearing their creative and innovative solutions to delivering Peer Support during these unprecedented times.

Peer Mentoring schemes


BSci Education

Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology and Egyptology (CAHAE)


East Asian Studies 

Educational Psychology

English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing (EAC)

International Disaster Management (IDM)


Management, Leadership and Leisure (MLL)

Nursing Y2

Speech and Language Therapy Mentoring

PASS schemes

Advanced Mathematics/Statistics 

Computer Science Y1 + Y2


Intro Maths

Material Science Y1 + Y2


Nursing Y1


Speech and Language Therapy PASS