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Every first-year undergraduate student here at the University of Manchester is offered Peer Support - mentoring, advice and academic guidance from trained higher year students in their subject area.

You can find out which scheme provides Peer Support to your degree via the search boxes below! Just search your degree title in the appropriate Faculty to find your scheme. Please note some joint honours courses will have multiple Peer Support schemes, we list the schemes with the primary supporter first and additional/option schemes after. Some schemes also offer Year 2 Support which is found in the final column.

If you have any difficulty contact us. You can also find out how to get involved as an attendee, staff memberPeer Mentor, or PASS Leader


Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

Peer Mentoring



School of Biological Sciences (SBS)

School of Biological Sciences (SBS) Placmement Mentoring



Dentistry Nursing 
Medicine (Y1) Optometry 
Medicine (Y3+) Pharmacy (Y1 and Y2)
Nursing (Y2) Speech and Language Therapy (PASS)
Speech and Language Therapy (Mentoring)  


Faculty of Humanities 

Peer Mentoring


Alliance Manchester Business School  Advanced Mathematics/Statistics (Module)
Art History and Visual Studies Arabic
BAEcon - Economics  Econometrics (Module)
BA Social Sciences Geography
BSc Economics Introductory Mathematics (Module)
Chinese Linguistics and English Language
CAHAE - Classics, Ancient History,  Archaeology and Egyptology  Music (PASS)
Drama Religions and Theology
Educational Psychology  Russian
English Language for Education Sociology (Module)
English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing  
International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response   
Management, Leadership and Leisure  
Modern Language and Business & Management   
Music (Mentoring)  
Planning and Environmental Management  
Politics and International Relations  
Politics, Philosophy and Economics  
Social Anthropology  
Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies  


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Peer Mentoring


Chemistry Placement Mentoring  Aerospace Engineering (Y1 and Y2)
  Chemical Engineering
  Chemistry (Y1 and Y2)
  Civil Engineering 
  Computer Science (Y1 and Y2)
  Earth and Environmental Sciences 
  Electrical and Electronic Engineering 
  Fashion Business Technology 
  Materials Sciences (Y1 and Y2)
  Mechanical Engineering (Y1 and Y2)