How do I become a PASS Leader?


We offer the opportunity to support others as a PASS Leader to those who study with a degree which has a PASS scheme. 

So that you are fully equipped and supported in your role, we provide 3 compulsory training sessions which you must complete before you run your first session. 

Introduction to PASS

Introduction to PASS is designed to make you aware of the great benefits, commitments and expectations of being a PASS Leader. If you are interested in being a PASS Leader or would like to know more about what the role will entail, then you are more than welcome to attend.

These sessions are run by the Intern who works with your PASS Scheme in second semester, to prepare you for being a PASS leader the following September. This session will be open to all students in your discipline who are thinking of becoming a PASS Leader.

PASS in Practice

PASS in Practice is one full day training session with students from all disciplines across the University. You will have the opportunity to network, share experiences and collaborate with people from other schemes whilst learning about how to deliver PASS and the techniques needed to have a successful session.

It is typically in early summer after exams, and is run by a National PASS Centre trained Supervisor. We do provide additional sessions in early September for students studying abroad who cannot make the main training period.

PASS in Your Disciplne

The PASS in Your Discipline session is typically in September and will be with all PASS Leaders from your scheme. It is led by your Intern along with input from your PASS Student Coordinators. It's a great time to plan your first session with your co-leader, as well as planning for the future and working towards developing your scheme.

Becoming a PASS Leader is a great opportunity to both refresh your knowledge of previous year’s content and provide invaluable support and advice to those who are new to your course.

If you are interested in becoming a PASS Leader, contact your Intern to find out when your Introduction to PASS session will be.

If you have attended Introduction to PASS, click here to sign up to a PASS In Practice Session.

Once you have completed these sessions, you will be contacted about your PASS in Your Discipline meeting.