How do I become a Peer Mentor?


We offer the opportunity to volunteer as a Peer Mentor to those who study with a degree which has a Peer Mentoring scheme. To become a Peer Mentor, you must complete 2 training sessions which we run in the spring term. These sessions are packed full of advice, guidance and problem-based exercises to make sure you are in the best position to Peer Mentor a student come September.

Peer Mentor Training

Peer Mentor Training will take place in either a morning or afternoon in the spring, and will be with all students from multiple disciplines who wish to be Mentors. You will have the opportunity to network, share experiences and collaborate with people from other schemes whilst you complete this training session.

Planning Ahead Training

The Planning Ahead session is where you will then meet with Student Coordinators for your Mentoring scheme, as well as all other Mentors from your discipline before you break for summer. This is the last part of your training and is a great time to plan for the future and work towards developing your scheme. If you would like to become a Mentor, please contact your Student or Staff Coordinators.


If you have any further questions please contact