How do I become a Peer Mentor?


We offer the opportunity to volunteer as a Peer Mentor to those who study with a degree which has a Peer Mentoring scheme. To become a Peer Mentor, you must complete 3 training sessions which we run in  Semester 2. These sessions are packed full of advice, guidance and problem-based exercises to make sure you are in the best position to Peer Mentor a student come September.


Peer Mentors are recruited by the scheme, normally this will include an email from your schemes Staff and Student Coordinators inviting students to become Peer Mentors. If you are interested in being a Peer Mentor and haven't heard of an opportunity to become one you can always email Peer Support.


Once you have been recruited you need to complete training. The first session is Intro to Peer Mentoring and is 90 minutes long, this session sets out the role expectations, the tasks you will be expected to do and the skills you will use and develop. The second session in Mentoring in Practice and is a half-day session; here we will allow you to experience Mentoring first hand and practice your techniques in a safe environment. Finally, you will attend Mentor Debrief which is 90 minutes and is a scheme-specific session aimed to plan and goal set the upcoming year. 

Starting your role

Your new role will begin the week before Welcome Week. It is therefore important to arrange any summer travel plans to allow you to be on campus in that week. We start your role here as this means you are fully prepared to be a part of the welcome your first-year mentees will receive.


If you have any further questions please contact