How do I get involved as a member of staff?


While our Peer Support schemes are managed and run by teams of dedicated students, none of our work is possible without the support and backing of dedicated, enthusiastic members of Staff. If you are interested in becoming a part of Peer Support as a member of staff there are two main roles you can take on:

Academic coordinator

Providing academic guidance to the volunteers and raising awareness of the Peer Support Scheme within the discipline, as well as offering advice to our student coordinators, mentors, and students, and attending debrief sessions if you work in a PASS scheme.

Administrative coordinator 

Helping with the logistics and administration behind the scheme, assisting with recruitment of new mentors and leaders, giving budget advice, and providing contacts for the students.

Additional Support:

Even if you are not in one of the two official staff roles for your department's Peer Support programme, you can support the great things they do various ways!

Lecturer to Level 1

The very best Peer Support schemes are embedded within teaching! If you lecture to Level 1 it would be great if you could find out what exists in your programme (contact the Academic Coordinator for example) and pro-actively engage with the scheme. Promoting it during teaching sessions and even reminding students that if they come across a tricky aspect of the course they can talk to their Peer Mentors or PASS Leaders about it. As a key member of staff in a first year's journey, mentioning Peer Support within your daily teaching can really support the work the scheme does!

Academic Advisor 

If you are an Academic Advisor for Level 1 students find out if they attend/are engaing with their Peer Mentors/PASS Leaders. If not - encourage them to and pass on any feedback to staff and student Coordinators. 

If you are an Academic Advisor for higher level students you could encourage them to take on the role of a Peer Mentor or PASS Leader. This leadership oportunity counts towards their Stellify Award!


If you are interested in taking on one of these formal roles, or learning more about what Peer Support is, what we do, how you can support your department in your role and the impact we have on students, please email us at Peer Support and we will be happy to talk to you or send you a copy of the relevant role profile. 

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