PASS Training Information


PASS Training Information


In order to become a trained PASS Leader, you must complete:

1. Intro to PASS (Blackboard Online Unit)

    • 5 modules each ending with a short quiz.
    • Must complete all 5 quizzes to be able to book on to the next stage of training.

2. PASS in Practice (In-Person Training session)

    • 5 hr in-person Training session.

3. Meet your Scheme: The Year Setup

    • Meet your fellow Leaders, your Student Coordinators, and your Staff support.
    • Set expectations for the new academic year. 


The training period starts from the end of March with Intro to PASS going live. PASS in Practice sessions will follow, running from late April to end of June. Finally, Meet your Scheme: The Year Setup will be arranged by your schemes in September.


If you are interested in becoming a PASS Leader for 2022/2023 but have not signed up through recruitment, please fill in this form

If you have any questions please contact