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PASS Training for all PASS Leaders


Please Note: We have recruited and trained all PASS Leaders for 2018-19. If you are interested in becoming a PASS Leader for 2019-20 you can fill out our interested form and we will contact you contact you when recruitment opens again.


Before you can be trained as a PASS Leader you must ensure you have gone through your schemes recruitment. Recruitment for PASS schemes is done at a discipline level and you should be contacted by your student coordinators in Semester 2. If you have not heard about any opportunities to become a PASS Leader you can contact Peer Support who can put you in touch with the scheme.


In order to become a trained PASS Leader, you must attend and complete:

  1. Intro to PASS (1.5-hour Training Session)

    • Intro to PASS Online Content (Blackboard Unit)

  2. A PASS in Practice (6-hour Training Session)

    • PASS in Practice PASS Online Content (Blackboard Unit)

  3. PASS in Your Discipline (2-Hour Training Session)


The training period will start just before Easter in Semester 2 when Intro to PASS sessions run, followed by PASS in Practice in June and finally a PASS in your Discipline session in September which will be arranged by your scheme.

You can sign up to Intro to PASS using the links below, sign up to further sessions will be explained in this session.

If you have any questions please contact