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Peer Mentor Training for all Peer Mentors

Before you can be trained as a Peer Mentor you must ensure you have gone through your schemes recruitment. Recruitment for Peer Mentoring schemes is done at a discipline level and you should be contacted by your student coordinators either at the end of Semester 1 or the start of Semester 2. If you have not heard about any opportunities to become a Peer Mentor you can contact Peer Support who can put you in touch with the scheme.

In order to become a trained Peer Mentor, you must attend and complete:

  1. Intro to Peer Mentoring (90-minute Training Session)
  2. Mentoring in Practice (half-day session)
  3. Mentor Debrief (90-minute Training Session)
The training period will commence in Semester 2, with Intro to Peer Mentoring and Mentoring in Practise taking place before the end of term. Mentor Debrief is arranged on a scheme basis and should take place before Welcome Week (normally before summer). As a Peer Mentor, you must be available before Welcome Week.  If you  have any questions about the training please contact us via

You can sign up to Intro to Peer Mentoring using the link below, the second and third sessions will be available once you have completed the first session.

Why should I become a Peer Mentor?

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