Why should I become a Peer Mentor?


By becoming a Peer Mentor you will see many benefits through the skills you acquire, the connections you make and the person you become.

From speaking to Mentors, below is a list of some of the benefits that they have got out of their role:

  • You’ll gain experience in; helping lower year students develop themselves, dealing with confidential issues, and giving advice, all in which will be very rewarding.
  • You will gain a lot of soft skills which employers look for through planning, organising, managing your time and liaising with students and staff.  You can also get involved in event management,advertising and promoting your scheme if you are reallyactive in your scheme.
  • ‘Peer Mentor’ will also be on your Higher Education Achievement Report, which will help you stanf out to employers once you graduate.
  • There will be ongoing opportunities (paid work, volunteering and management) which are only available to our student volunteers.
  • You’ll find it enjoyable and meet many other students with similar interests. This will help you form a community within you degree.
  • As a Mentor you will have a chance to help develop your scheme alongside other students and staff. You will also play a vital part in relaying the first year experience back to the Staff members.  This will be very rewarding and insightful.

A typical week of a Peer Mentor could involve organising a group meeting with your mentees, discussing how it went in a Mentor meeting, it could also involve spending a few hours at a social event meeting other mentors and mentees or organising one of these social events. The role of a Peer Mentor should require no more than two hours per week.